In the framework of the services that it proposes, the E.S.F. is required to collect your personal data.

This charter describes how the E.S.F. may use these data, in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation of 25 May 2018).


E.S.F. instructors all work in a freelance capacity.

They form local groupings in their respective E.S.F. ski schools for organising teaching, supervision and activities involving skiing and other snow sports at the resorts.
For ensuring the defence of their interests they are also grouped together into Syndicats Locaux ("Local Trade Unions") which are legal entities. There is one Syndicat Local ("Local Trade Union") per resort.

The designation "Ecole du Ski Français" ("French Ski School") is authorised by the Syndicat National des Moniteurs du Ski Français (S.N.M.S.F. - "National Union of French Ski Instructors"), founded in 1945. The latter’s objective is to organise the profession by ensuring that instructors enjoy autonomy in their organisation and teaching.

When you are a recipient of E.S.F. services, your personal data are therefore processed both by the Syndicat Local and by the S.N.M.S.F., each acting as a processing manager pursuing its own ends.

In other words :

  • The Syndicat Local processes your data for managing its contractual relations with you (invoicing, payment, bookings management, etc.), for the purpose of conducting marketing operations and to comply with its legal obligations.
  • The S.N.M.S.F. processes your data since it manages the central bookings IT system enabling the Syndicats Locaux to collect the data required for organising the E.S.F. services. The S.N.M.S.F. manages this IT system for the needs of CRM processing.


a. General case
Your personal data collected when you choose to register (online or at the ticket desk), with or without booking, are as follows :
- Surname
- Forename
- Gender
- Date of birth
- Proficiency level
- Language(s) spoken
- Postal address(es)
- Email address(es)
- Phone number(s)
- Address at the resort
- Bank account details

b. Photos or videos
The customer authorises the esf instructors, an esf service provider participating on behalf of the esf in the shooting, and/or a freelance photographer within the framework of the sale of the images which will be offered (after the shooting) by the latter to the customer, to photograph and/or film him/her during the courses given by the esf instructors and followed by the customer and/or during the competitions organised by the esf in which the customer participates.
The customer authorises the esf, the esf's service provider who participated on behalf of the esf in the taking and/or use of the images (e.g.: shooting, video editing, etc.) and/or the freelance photographer within the framework of the aforementioned service, if applicable, to use, in particular by way of reproduction, representation, projection and adaptation, these images (photographs or videos), on their website, their social networks or any other material support such as leaflets, flyers, posters and other advertising.
This authorisation is granted for the whole world and for a period of 5 years from the capture of the said images.
If the customer is a minor, the customer's parents grant the esf, the above-mentioned esf service providers and/or the freelance photographer permission to photograph, film and use the image of their child under the same conditions.

c. "Star" test and E.S.F. competition results
If you have taken part in ETOILE tests and esf competitions, your results are public and are displayed in the Local Union premises and online.

d. Banking data
The banking data transmitted when placing your order are not collected by the Syndicat Local or the S.N.M.S.F. Encryption technology is deployed by our service provider for securing your transactions.


Your personal data is collected for the purpose of carrying out esf activities.
It will be kept (in an aggregated and anonymised form) for statistical purposes.
Only data that is strictly necessary for the proper performance of esf's services and to protect your vital interests is requested.
If a third party (see below) is to use personal data, we ensure that they are able to protect it.
In this way we pursue a legitimate interest in using your personal data and this use does not infringe on your freedom and interests.


In order to guarantee you a quality service, your data is intended for :
- To the management team of the Local Union of your resort;
- To your esf monitor.
- To the S.N.M.S.F. IT department
- To our IT subcontractors (technical services) and e-commerce web development (sales analysis, CRM tools);
- The local authorities if we are required by law to do so.


The information collected is recorded in a secure computerised file of the Syndicat Local and the S.N.M.S.F.
Appropriate technical (e.g. firewalls) and organisational (e.g. login/password, physical protection, etc.) measures are taken to protect your data against destruction, loss or alteration, misuse and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure, whether such actions are unlawful or accidental.


You have the right to oppose, access, rectify and delete your personal data.
To exercise your rights, simply contact the Local Union by clicking on the following link : Contact


The data collected is kept, archived and then anonymised by the Local Union and the S.N.M.S.F.
Before being anonymised, the personal data of clients/pupils will be archived for 10 years from the date of the reservation for accounting reasons (invoices must be kept for 10 years from the end of the financial year).
Before being archived, they will be kept for 3 consecutive seasons in the Local Union's "active database" for prospecting purposes. At the end of the above-mentioned period, they will be archived if you do not respond to any solicitations from the esf.


a. Cookies
A "cookie" is an information file sent to your browser and stored on your terminal (e.g. computer, smartphone). This file includes information such as your domain name, your internet service provider, your operating system and the date and time of access.
If you visit the Local Union's website, the Local Union may process information about your activity on its website, such as the pages you visit and the searches you perform. The purpose of this information is to improve the content of the site and your navigation.
You can configure your browser to restrict the storage of your cookies in the terminal. Your experience on the site may then be limited.

b. Internet tags
The Local Union may occasionally use web beacons (hereinafter "tags"), in order to assess your response to its website and the effectiveness of its actions (e.g. number of times a page has been opened).

Update of this page "Your Personal Data": 28/08/2020
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