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Our office is located in the Maison de Moriond, Marquis St. in Courchevel 1650, next to the ski pass office and near the new gondola departure station.
We welcome you every day of the winter season from
8h30 to 18h00.
Please feel free to call into our friendly ESF office. 


Our ESF ski school is one of the oldest in Courchevel...

  • 1935 
Construction of the first ski lift (Le Sainte Agathe).

  • 1947 - 1949
The Moriond ski school (Courchevel 1650) is created under Jean Pachod’s initiative (8th national ski instructor to be nominated in France, time flies!) who decided to dedicate a part of his Moriond sport shop to teaching skiing.

Only one drag lift (The Sainte-Agathe, operating since 1935) and no grooming of slopes, at the time most skiers went up on skins (back country skiing equipment) and skied down in a direct line in powder! Ski instructors were the only ones able to compile a few turns… 

  • 1958 - 1959
The first grooming machines (equipped with big rolls) appear thanks to Emile (Allais) and transform the vast fields of powder snow into safe and marked ski slopes, for every ski trainee’s pleasure.

Five ski instructors followed Jean Pachod in this adventure, thus offering our first clients, mostly students on holiday break and non salaried professions such as doctors a chance to learn to ski following the tracks of a “pull rouge” (meaning red pull over, the French ski instructors signature garment). Back then, all – including instructors and clients- would meet at night for a festive evening around a good fondue and a bottle of Génépy liquor.

  • Early 1970's
A small chalet stuck between two hotels became in the early 70's the ESF desk in the Maison de Moriond. It had a restaurant area and a bar, run by a ski instructor who had a liquor licence!

  • 1967 - 1979
Under the impulsion of Camille Chedal-Anglay (director from 1967 to 1979), the Moriond ski school has known a very dynamic period and broke new ground in many areas (use of computers, day nursery, private lessons…)

  • Until Today
The traditions remain...

Your instructors are still just as motivated to share their knowledge in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere… Today the ski school counts nearly 140 instructors, a multi-disciplinary team able to teach and train in many languages. Their motivation and passion pushed them to revive the Roc Merlet Derby which had been abandoned for years, and create the now famous Kid Contest.
These great events are a showcase for our passion and spirit! (usually held in March each year)