From 3 to 5 years

your little skiers

 flocon (snowflakes)

 Having obtained 'OURson' medal.

They learn to take off their shoes and put on their ski's, perfecting their snowploughs and being able to slow and stop. 
Upon obtaining the medal "Ourson", your child can commence the Snowflake (Flocon) course.

They will start in our Club Piou Piou Courchevel 1650 Moriond, and once they are confident with the basics, they will leave the playground with the instructor to take the ski lift Courchevel 1650 Moriond  and explore the slopes.

Flocon Lessons

PRICES - LEVEL FLOCON (SNOWFLAKES)level Ourson test acquired

From Sunday (for 6 days) or from Monday (5 days)
5 x Mornings229 €
6 x Mornings249 €
5 x Afternoons209 €
6 x Afternoons229 €
5 x Days299 €
6 x Days319 €


Mornings9:15 to 11:45
Afternoons14:15 to 16:45
Afternoons (starting February the 8th)14h30-17h00

MealsMeal and care for children from 11h45 to 14h15

6 x Meals155,00 €
5 x Meals140,00 €