Your Little ones

Mini piou

from 2 to 5 years

Club Piou Piou is open every day to children from 2 years old. Discover the snow adventures of Piou Piou and his friends in a safe and secure area for your children's first time on skis.
Thanks to our new 160 square meter house, specialy built for the Piou-Piou Club, we have a facility allowing us to take care of the little ones.

To serve this purpose we created a new group named the Mini-Piou to allow the smallest of your famillies to discover the snow and the joy of sliding on it.

The rythm of the lessons is tailored for the 2 to 3 years old children. There will be smooth outdoor ski lessons and indoor games about montains and skiing.


Excluding Holidays


to the 04/02/20229H15-11h4514H15-16H45
Starting the 05/02/20229H15-11H4514H30-17H00


From Sunday (for 6 days) or from Monday (5 days)
5 x Mornings257 €
5 x Afternoons257 €
5 x Days342 €
6 x Mornings295 €
6 x Afternoons295 €
6 x Days379 €